Goodbye Nokia….Forever!

Dear Nokia,

I have been a very loyal user of your mobile phones ever since I was introduced to the cell phone market through friends and family calling you the most trustworthy and reliable brand in the industry at that moment.

Sadly, you are not the way you used to be.

I have always loved the continuous upgrades to your product line, with the latest technology being integrated into your phones and the uncountable number of options that the your “Symbian” operating system provided to technology junkies like me when we were
just in the start of our adventure into the huge world of electronics and gadgets.

The sleek and stylish designs of your phones which gave us the options of saving songs and videos onto the memory cards and actually enjoying them with ease while other phone makers were struggling with the thought of either using java or some other OS,
but none at that time could compare to yours.

But over time, you have run out of ideas and have failed to compete with the market needs of today as consumers want more and different things. You fail to realise that symbian will not always be what it used to and will eventually need to be upgraded so
that it can be compared with others, but that is certainly not the case.

I honestly thought that you got the signal when you announced the N-8, but boy was I wrong. Frankly speaking, it certainly is a great set, but with just a minimum redesign of the symbian OS, you have forced me to give up hope.

Your partnership with Microsoft in order to use their Windows Mobile OS on your phones was something I really thought would work out, but as you continue to delay production, I get more and more attracted to other brands.

Now, finally, HTC has grabbed my attention. With their up-to-date phone designs and the oh so great Android OS running on each and every phone of theirs, HTC certainly does call me closer and closer whenever I look at them.

Just because you still hold a special place in my heart, I will not be getting an Apple iPhone, not that it is not a great phone which you have tried to copy a number of times, it’s just that I’m not fond of their products as much.

Down the road, I hope that you eventually bounce back and find something which works out for you because it would very much hurt me to see you fall down even further.

I now realise that this break-up is not really because of you, actually, it’s me. My needs and wants have grown so much that I desire the better things in life now.

I am really very sorry Nokia, my love, but I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me… or at least until I can afford to get my hands on the latest HTC phone.