Cairo, Egypt – in clashes between Christians and security forces at least 24 people killed. The country’s prime minister has appealed to the people to remain peaceful because recent clashes between Christians and Muslims is a threat to national security.

After visiting the affected areas Prime Minister said Aisam Sharaf addressed in a televised and said “Serious threat to national security is to harm national unity”. He added that due to these clashes relations would be damaged between public and military.

City officials imposed curfew in Cairo at midnight.

Thousands of people from a Christian sect were protesting against the burning of a church in central Cairo.Church burning incident happened last week in the southern province of Aswan. Christians have accused Muslim extremists are involved in the incident.

Thousands of protesters Marched towards the state television building in Shoubra – the northern district of Cairo. where they want to protest. The protesters demanded that the Governor of Aswan province to be removed. Protesters accused that government TV is working on offensive sentiments against Christians.

Protesters said that they were attacked by people dressed in plain clothes before clashes started with security forces.Cycle of violence started outside the state TV station building, but soon approached to Tehreer Square. Tehreer Square was a stronghold of protest against former President Hosni Mubarak.

This most violent sectarian nature’s incident happened first time after separation from President Hosni Mubarak’s regime in February this year. More than two hundred are injured including eighty-six security personnel.

Egyptian Prime Minister Aisam Sharf urged the people to be peaceful and not become part of sectarianism.On his Facebook page he said that these happening are not only clashes between Muslims and Christians but is an attempt to spread chaos in the country. Twelve people were killed in attacks on Churches in Egypt this May. Where as thirteeen people were killed in clashes between Muslims and Christian at Tehreer Square this March.

Egypt has population of eight million and ten percent comprises on Christians who complain that management often fails to protect them.