The World renowned fast food restaurant, Hardees has been established in Pakistan since a couple of years. With the first franchise opened in Lahore to great success, the franchise has now arrived in Islamabad amidst roaring support from the food loving people. The restaurant has lived up to its hype, which is evident from the long queues and the unique taste. Here we will have a brief look at what the restaurant has to offer.

With beef being their mainstay, the restaurant produces a variety of burgers to suit every taste and appetite. The people, previously used to chicken, courtesy the popularity of KFC, which offered chicken in almost every form, the taste of beef came as a unique surprise. McDonald’s another popular fast food restaurant, offers a multitude of snacks and meals; however, Hardees went one step further by introducing items such as ‘Curly Fries’ and ‘Thick Burgers’ which are quite fulfilling. The rising popularity of Hardees can be gauged from the fact that rival fast food chains, McDonald’s and KFC, have started introducing new items to their menu, such as the ‘Curly Fries’ at McDonald’s, alongside a variety of double-patty burgers.

Catering to the masses, Hardees has introduced a variety of items in their menu, such as the all-famous Superstar Burger, the very popular Mushroom & Swiss burger (in standard and thick burger option), coupled with chicken burgers, including the Jalapeno Chicken and Santa Fe chicken, all of which have garnered mass following.

Even the dine-in area is nicely constructed, is spacious and provides good ambience. Value for money is debatable though, since the price maybe a little too high for everyone; however, the taste beats that of conventional fast-food outlets and people especially prefer Hardees for this unique selling point.

To further attract customers, the combo meals by Hardees include free re-fill drinks, which is something offered by no other competitor. Serving a host of fresh drinks and juices, Hardees offers its customers the choice to drink as much of whatever they like, with no additional cost.

Every meal includes the re-fill offer alongside either the Curly Fries, Regular Fries or Onion Rings, another innovation which was until recently, not offered by rival food chains. For those who watch their weight but still want to enjoy wholesome meals, the good news is that Hardees offers ‘Charbroiled’ burgers, which are low-fat and do not have as many calories.

If you are not in the mood for a heavy meal, Hardees also offers other options, like Shakes, which come in various flavours and have recently introduced hand-breaded ‘Tender Chiken’ which are light and good value for money.

Furthermore, the Islamabad outlet has a children’s play area as well, which though is not something new, is very convenient when you take your family out and hope to have an uninterrupted meal while the kids enjoythemselves.

Finally, Hardees offers the perfect balance between filling and tasty meals, with their burgers enough for a reasonable appetite, the re-fill drink offer makes sure you don’t leave the restaurant hungry; however, they are dangerously addictive and with the after-taste lingering in your mouth, you are sure to want more of the delicious burgers.