Apple Inc. announced the new installation of its iPhone family, the iPhone 4S. The new smartphone is the offspring of its predecessor, the iPhone 4 and the all-new iOS 5.

Apple’s signature handset is set to be released in the US market on October 18 but there is no confirmation given when it hits the Asian shores. However, it phone is available in Japan and Singapore alongside the US and Europe.

Apple has been innovative in bringing innovation to the technology market. However, its latest creations like iPad and iPhone 4 failed to capture a big chunk in the Pakistani markets. Its older versions, the original iPhone and 3G/3GS made huge sales in marketplaces in Rawalpindi.

The new iPhone includes retina display, GSM support with micro SIM card, 3G support and many apps available on the AppStore as its regular features.

However, its more attractive features are the re-vamped 8 megapixel rear camera, virtual assistant named Siri and iOS 5 that supports Apple’s newest invention into the social networking, iCloud.

The rear camera has been rebuilt for the new phone. It includes five lenses instead of tradition 4-lens set. It also supports 1080p video mode with a new feature that eliminates shakiness in while capturing a live motion.

The new iPhone does not support WiMax technology as the company says it is still in its developing stages.

The new and by far the best feature of the new iPhone is the virtual assistant called Siri that has captured a lot of media attention since its release on October 4.

Apple has included an interactive virtual daily planner that will interact with the user like an assistant in flesh and bones. Apple has pulled off yet another great innovation in taking the smartphone experience to a new level.

However, it is doubtful whether the Siri has an option of Indian accent to cater to the Pakistani/Indian bazaars. Otherwise there is not much to attract the subcontinent market that goes more for the looks of the product.

Apple is releasing the new phone in both black and white colours right from the release date. The 4S includes 16 GB, 32 GB and much craved 64 GB versions. The three said versions are available for $199, $299 and $399, respectively in the US. However, their prices in Pakistan and all over Asia are to be determined upon its release in Asia.