The simplest definition of tolerance is, “the capacity for or the practice of recognising and respecting the beliefs or practices of others.”

However, it is not being practised by the current Pakistan society. In any field of life, majority of people does not value the religious and social beliefs of their fellow citizens.

It will not be wrong to say that the present government has completely failed to provide security plus bread and butter to the local folks.

Since every member of society is anxious and depressed, the tolerance level has been going down with every passing day.

It is an established fact that everybody needs a fresh mind and a healthy environment for both creativity and innovation.

Since the local individuals have been suffering number of problems around, they cannot concentrate on things which they need to work on.

The minds are struck in problems like inflations, terrorism and others.

You will find people talking about problems but nothing else. People are afraid and worried about the future of the children and a scared mind cannot innovate anything.

A young man gets frustrated when he does not get a proper job. A poor gets frustrated when he does not find any food for his kids.

Moreover, there are several other issues like load shedding, unemployment, pollution, corruption and many others which one can’t even count.

The community pinned a lot of hopes on the present government after the national elections in February 2008. Yet, the politician could not come up to the expectations.

These problems are making local people upset and consequently tolerance has been fading away.

A simple example of lack of tolerance in the society was the recent protests against load shedding.

Despite registering a non-violent protest, the men and woman came out on the roads and destroyed everything that appeared in their way.

If we want ourselves to compete with the world in the field of technology or science, we have to give our people a healthy environment.

Our people have no less capable minds than the Americans or the Europeans.

However, the major difference is those are provided with resources and especially with an environment in which they are creating things of our service and comfort.

A calm and composed mind and body can only do wonders. Thus, every member of the society needs to give comfort to the other fellow.

The society cannot move forward until the people show tolerance to each other. Meanwhile, a restful environment is required to urge people to do something special in every field of life.

The folks will have to raise tolerance level plus the government needs to establish a relaxing atmosphere to make things a bit better here in Pakistan.