One of the most renowned fast food chains of the World, Kentucky Fried Chicken has been established in Pakistan for over a decade, serving chicken related items to the food loving people of the country.

It is an American brand, funded by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952, with Cupola Pakistan Ltd owning and consequently operating the franchise in this region.

For over a decade it recipe of serving people with chicken was the main outing spot for the Pakistani people, who brought their families to eat one of the craziest burgers in town. Their main competitor in this region has be Mc Donalds, however rather than the two franchises competing with food related items; their rivalry has been created by their respective fan followers.

One has to say that no one does chicken like KFC but over the years their recipe has been copied by number of other local franchises which have put a dent in their overall profitability. Also, with McDonalds offering a wide range of variety, which includes beef related items and shakes; KFC moreover relies heavily on his chicken related menu.

However, with the introduction of Mighty Zinger, the tides had changed, with people flocking into their nearby chain and getting hold of one the tastiest and biggest burgers ever made. That could not last long as McDonalds than introduced their double (Double Patty), which countered the threat posed by their rivals.

The other thing which went against the franchise is their fires, which one has to say are not their specialty.  Along with people now wanting value for money, which is given by Mighty, they also want a meal which contains fries and a large coke. However, in terms of offering a proper meal, the franchise has lacked innovations, which has seen them lose quite a bit of their following.

Also, with the emergence of Hardees as another competitor, which offers a free refill and other products such as curly fries, KFC has yet to make improvements on their products. It is fair to that their main course, the Zinger is far better than any other chicken burger but it’s the other products that lack any appeal to the food lovers, which has seen them lack in capturing the market permanently.

They keep on introducing burgers, like Zinger extreme or the new Jalapeno one, but it’s the side meals that have planted a real dent in their profitability.

Also, their market strategy in recent times has a lot to be desired. While their competitors keep on introducing innovative advertising campaigns, they have sat back and watch them capture their market share.

Their main weakness lies in identifying what their customers care for. A bit more knowledge and interaction with customers will surely help them. Also with Mcdonalds catering the lower income groups with 100 rupee burgers, KFC caters only a specific bracket, which has slowly hurt them over the years.

It is right to say that the franchise need a over haul of their stance in order to keep their brand running in Pakistan.


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