I am yet to come across any study, which has recorded the moral levels of the people living in Pakistan over the period. There are many reasons that did not allowed this to happen which varied with the time. It all started with the poor resources at the time of inception and later was subjected to the gross negligence by the “doers”.

This negligence is not only related to the recording or measuring the moral values of the society or the people living in the “Sacred Land”. But, most importantly it is related to gross negligence with respect to the education and development of such values amongst the masses.   The desire of the power and money, by any mean, further catalyzed the deprivation of the moral values in the society, which has now reached to an alarming level.

The absence of these values is the mother of many evils prevailing in the society.  Even more worry some is the fact that the policy makers and leaders are doing little to address the core issue of educating the importance of these values to the masses, which are essential for the survival of the society or race.

In last quarter of century, these values have depleted considerably.  Both the demographic and socio economic factors can be termed as the key factors behind such deprivation.  With respect to the demographic factors, the old generation, which gave importance to such values, is completely gone. They were partly successful in passing forth their legacy and these values, through the social institutions like combined family, family-gathering events etc and through a society as a whole.  However, the fact remains that due to poor socio economic conditions of these people, the cases of diversion from these basic principles was also present in the old generation. However, due to the closeness in the society and close social connections, people were force to change their social behavior atleast in the public places or gatherings

However, there generation , which can be called as mid generation, which is still at the midst of the old and new generation, haven’t done enough to propagate and enforce these principals. In-fact to make the matters worse, they have compromised on the values. They have done so purposefully for limited short-term benefits, as no one has ever helped them to realize the consequence of their actions.

This has adversely effected the development of moral values to the young generation, which will be responsible for the development of the race.  The hindsight of doing or indulging into a bad moral behavior is the fact that the pay back cost is uncontrollable. It’s not rapid but it’s happening is for sure, one can fool himself, but that the principle of the life, what you sow so shall you reap.

So when the time comes, all the glittering of the things made/achieved by the mal moral values becomes obsolete and the culprits have to pay the cost and face the consequence. Yet, the things are not so simple and at sometime, much more are at stake than just a personal loss/suffering. The ongoing match fixing scandal of the Pakistani cricketers is the best example in this regard, which has brought a disgrace to the nation at whole.

Unfortunately, still people are shy of looking for the reasons and are more profound to blaming each other.  Even sadder is the fact that the policy makers are completely ignoring on addressing this fundamental need of building a truly progressive and positively evolving society, which will take years to be incorporated into the masses.

The need of the hour is to accept low moral values in the society.   As it’s said, accepting a need to change is the first step of the change and same is the order of the day to redress the Pakistan’s moral Dilemma.


  1. well said. solve the moral dilemma and country will no longer be dependent on the factors it depends on currently.