Sahir Lodhi – An example of hijacked Pakistan’s media

Pakistan’s entertainment industry was hijacked by Indian ideas way back in the 90’s when producers started churning out fictional love stories which only affected the youth in a negative way. The new generation lost track and were occupied with aimless activities and forgot all about contributing to their country’s development.

Initially the idea-copying was restricted to the film industry in Pakistan, but now the dramas that are aired on several channels have also lost their essence and depict the culture that our nation never apprised to. The dramas which were aired until the launch of “Star-plus” (an Indian channel) depicted some of the social issues in our country and were not focused on introducing new fashion trends and sensationalised stories.

Pakistani films and dramas were already captured with Indian ideas but recently it has been seen that actors and hosts of a few TV shows have also started copying some of the celebrities in India and the leading character amongst them is Pakistan’s most famous Shahrukh Khan copy-cat, Mr. Sahir Lodhi.

In 2007, he started his television career with an appearance in a morning TV Show “Chai Times” of Indus TV. It was relatively a hit for a debutant, and since then the clone of Shahrukh Khan was in the making. He continued to feature in several shows on different channels that include Shair Online, Kuch Tum Kahao Kuch Hum Kahain, Ranjhey Sassi Punoon Heer, Dhorajee, and Morning Masala. The response must have been good because he continued to feature in different shows and no channel wants to continue a show that has failed to gain people’s attention.

Celebrities attain attention either by revolving around the news for one reason or another or copying some of the well-known celebrities. Both routes have one outcome; you gain fame and hatred at the same time. It’s a shortcut to gain the level of fame that legends achieve after a number of years of effortless hard work. Sahir Lodhi chose the second route and is now known by most of the people across the country who have access to television and cable channels.

The show that particularly brought him into the spotlight as “China ka Shahrukh Khan” is the late night show “The Sahir Lodhi Show”. He can fool everyone but not those who have seen his show once. He has tried and went to all extremes, bootlegging the Indian hero.

Sahir Lodhi started copying sharukh with his hairstyle, dressing, body language, communication and now, in any other possible way he can. He has lost his own identity and has slowly and gradually “moulded” himself into a celebrity across border. People have even been noted to have even called him “Mardoon ki Meera” and “Sahir Shoda” which are some of the weirdest claims for an actor who still runs a late night show.

The list of such people who have lost their conscious and chose to live someone else’s life continues to grow day by day and some of the most prominent characters amongst them are Veena Malik and Meera.

People should try to depict their own personality and not live the life of someone else, because if a person is known as a Pakistani, he should portray a Pakistani attitude and pass on an image of his own country rather than being a complete copy-cat, which would not just dismantle his image in the eyes of the viewers but would also crumple the country’s perception as well. Celebrities are brand ambassadors of the nation and if they would not brand our country’s image in a good way than who will?