Attiqa Odho skipped her daughter’s wedding ceremony

Heaven lies under the feet of mother and she holds the highest ranks of respect in anyone’s life. Daughters are the blessing of Allah and they are born at the hands of mothers. There is one famous quote that if you want to know the character of guy; examine his gathering; if you want to know the character of a girl; observe her mother’s character.

Weddings season is on and multiple houses are celebrating the wedding ceremonies at this time of the year. One such wedding took place in Karachi this week and it was the wedding of the daughter of Attiqa Odho, Pakistan’s one of the most famous film and drama actress.

Usually mothers proceed to send their daughters with prayers and a well wish to their new home but “Romia Iftikhar” was one unlucky girl who couldn’t gather well wishes of her mother at the time of her farewell. It is true; Attiqa Odho didn’t attend the wedding ceremony of her daughter earlier this month.

Attiqa Odho was in Dubai while her daughter was getting married in Karachi. She refused to attend her daughter’s wedding because she didn’t like her choice of a guy. Romia chose to marry a guy of her likings but her mother was against her choice and hence this real-life drama came to the spotlight.

Famous actress’s choice was someone else for her daughter but Romia didn’t listen to her mother and chose to decide her life-partner of her own. Ironically this is exactly the same scenario depicted by our lolly-wood stories.

A female who prepares other brides and has mastered that talent couldn’t see the face of her own daughter as a bride. Yousaf Salahuddin and other famous personalities attended the ceremony.

“As you sow, so shall you reap”? Attiq Odho is rumoured to have proposed a guy from a fashion industry breed and it looked more of a business deal rather than a real proposal for her daughter. It is really disappointing to see that educated Pakistani icons are dealing their children for fame and money.

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