Noman Javaid makes an effort to recite prayer with a blended touch of his vocal charisma. The Musician and vocalist is well familiar with the strategy to put his efforts and talent in the right place, as ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’ singer seems to be in consistent approach to release tracks on a number of occasions.

Though not really successful in making a huge impact in a competitive ground, the singer has transformed his attitude in the field to go for another chance and variation with Spiritual oriented music to emboss his versatility.

Noman Javaid adhered to the very fact and become a part of the procession when he was seen releasing hamds and naats this Ramadan. The track was released with a title of ‘A Prayer’ in the first week of Holy month of Ramadan.

Javaid’s effort without any doubt counts as a good induction and one cannot deny his talents as a performer and a singer. A Prayer is a composition of Noman Javed and with a whispering sound of just duff and slight drums in the Music background the track has a sheer depiction of the genre itself. The track covers-up a whole ground which seems to be a Sami Yousaf inspired sort of approach.

Javaid’s appearance with his head covered, permanent pout on his face and wearing jewellery at the same time merged with a blend of soft vocals is oriented on asking for God’s mercy and forgiveness.

The month of Ramadan commences with a series of naats, hamds and prayers formed by local musicians and with that the effort by the people seems to be a stride to be in the spotlight and news on an appropriate basis. Another perception lurks that the effort may credit a very timely devotion that surely comes out best in the form of a prayer.

Over a period of recent time many notable musicians and celebrities like The Sketches, Siege, Ali Haider and even Javaid Miandad were able to release singles composed for the month of Ramadan.

A distraction to their efforts appears in the form of conflict of merging the music into spiritualism for which naat khwaans according to people are the designated ones due to which most of these weren’t able to get a wholesome response. Nonetheless, it can’t put a stop to their efforts.

A Prayer is a reflection of a newly emerged sensational artist with a very devoted side of his spiritual attributes towards God.