Dissatisfactory transport system cries out for improvement

Improved transportation networks benefits travelers within the destination, and in this day and age modernisation of the destination has improved the destination network, however, the commuters of twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad feel that they are deprived of a proper transport system.

Hence, a large number of people, coming from outside of the city have to face fleecing of the transporters and the total ignorance of drivers and conductors of the transport vehicles, especially vans, who lift and leave people only up to a particular destination instead of completing their routes.

Passengers have complained that they also need affordable mobility, but they are not likely to get that anytime soon because of the soaring prices of petrol and other fuel related products sky rocketing almost after every two months.

Moreover, the problem occurs when most of the public transport vehicles do not follow their allotted routes and create problems for the commuters due to negligence of the concerned authority.

All this can be changed, if the concerned authority made sure that these public transport vehicles stopped plying on different routes, then the commuters wouldn’t have to change different vehicles and pay more than double fair to reach their destination.

Students have to face the same problem because of the atrocious transport system. Due to shortage of buses, it has been observed that the students travel on top of the buses, and in most cases they reach their schools and colleges late.

Similarly, the girls’ students are facing severe inconvenience as well, because of the overcrowded buses and vans, they have to wait a long to find a place in the public transports.

Another problem related to female commuters is that they already have a limited portion for them, and since there are more male occupants then women, sometimes the male commuters occupy their seats, which worsens the situation for them.

The improvement of the transportation network is badly needed in the twin cities, so that the commuters have to face fewer problems. The commuters have underlined these problems numerous times and it is high time that the concerned authorities take a notice of the common mans’ miseries.