The ICCI and Central and North Punjab Women Chairman of Commerce and Industry along with Abbott Pakistan Limited, arranged an awareness seminar about the deadly ‘Dengue’ Virus at Islamabad.

Dr.Javed Akram, the principal of Allama Iqbal Medical College and Chairman of Dengue Expert Committee, while addressing to the seminar, revealed that all the four types of dengue viral infections are reported to be present in Pakistan. He added that the virus could pass throughout the country, like the province of Punjab.

Although, Dengue is present in all over the Punjab and causalities are reported on daily basis form different areas, but Lahore is the most suffering city of the province. As according to latest reports, the total number of Dengue patients in Punjab, is reported to be more than 6,000, whereas 5, 175 of these patients belong to Lahore.

Dr. Akram stressed on the need of an integrated vector and control system. He explained that mosquito’s sprays are not enough to cope with this fast-spreading disease; rather various steps are needed to be implemented for the eradication of mosquitoes, including biological control Larvicide, mass awareness, quarantine for patients and travel advisory.

“The dengue mosquito larva could survive for more than a year even in a dry place,” Akram asserted.

He also emphasised that the best solution to get rid of this deadly Dengue virus, is to create awareness among the people. Punjab government has recently taken different steps in this regard, as it has issued different pamphlets, carrying the precautionary measures and symptoms of the disease. In addition, different banners are also erected alongside the roads, showing the help line, with a toll free number for guiding people 24/7 regarding Dengue Virus.

Asad Farid, the Senior Vice President ICCI lauded Central and North Punjab Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry for their role in organizing such awareness seminars about Dengue Fever.

Kobab Parveen, President, Central and North Punjab Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that it will take some time to overcome the disease. However, she requested the people form all the professions to participate in the Dengue eradication movement.