Just how outdated are the football shoes at the Nike and Adidas stores in Islamabad?

On a number of occasions I have found a number of people asking me just what kind of football shoes/other sports equipment they should get, in order for them to optimize their performances on the pitch.

However, despite me being fully aware of what answer to give them, I am often forced to keep in mind that the Nike and Adidas stores in Islamabad are so outdated that they are claiming shoes released two years ago to be the newest ones in the market.

However, out of the two I would have to admit that the Nike store is still slightly more up to date, when compared to the Adidas stores.

At the moment, the newest football shoe that you can find in all the Nike outlets are the silver mercurials, which are currently around four colours behind the international market. At the same time, the store is still trying to offload the T90 Laser III as the latest shoe in the series, despite the Laser IV having been released a couple of months ago.

However, what the store has going for them, is the fact that they have the tiempo’s laser’s, Ctr’s and the mercurial’s all available in the store.

On the other hand, our local Adidas store happens to be in a league of its own. They keep telling you that they are going to get a new shipment the day after you visit them,  but that day kind of never comes.

The currently only have the Predator X and the AdiZero, with no indication of the AdiPure ever making its way down to our local stores. However, out of the shoes that they do have, the Predator X’s have been replaced by the AdiPower for quite some time now and the AdiPower’s are also already in line to get a new upgrade, but according to the Adidas in Islamabad, the Predator X is the newest shoe made by the company. As for the AdiZero, the latest colour way that they have in store is from the previous version of the shoe and some three colours before the shoe was discontinued and the newer AdiZero was released.

All of the information stated above disregards the fact that the shop never keeps the all three versions of each shoe in their stores and opts to just market the Predator Absolado as the Predator Absolute and the Mercurial Victory as the Superfly.

All I can say is, before anyone actually believes the sales-personnel at the stores, they should just google football shoes for themselves, instead of spending extra money on a shoe that isn’t even produced any more.