Samsung launches Galaxy Nexus with Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Google Inc. launched the much craved Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) mobile operating system on Tuesday, October 18. Samsung Mobiles are the first cellular phone manufacturers to incorporate the smart and intelligent OS into the new offspring of Nexus family, Galaxy Nexus.

Galaxy Nexus carries the legacy of Nexus series and the Android ICS has added more flamboyance to it. The new OS is quicker on the 1.2 GHz dual-core processor while the 4.65-inch display justifies its flashy features.

The swiping has been made smoother in ICS than its predecessors, which is a relief to the Android fans. Many other glitches have also been eradicated in the new 4.0.1 version.

The new OS has improved existing software and also includes Face Unlock, first time introduced into a cellular phone and Voice-to-Type, which is not a new application but Google has improved it exponentially.

The new application, Bump to Share, is the one that caught critics’ attention. A Nexus owner can share the phone contents with another of its siblings with a single touch. Just tap on the share button and data transfer starts.

The Face Unlock is not a revolutionary technology, many laptops have incorporated it in the past, but Nexus is the first handset to carry such function. However, the new tech is not what the fans would call “eye-catching”. The company stated that the phone identifies the face with a smile but it would be awkward to smile every time to unlock the phone, imagine if you are in a funeral.

The new 4.65-inch screen has a 1280×720 pixel resolution which brings a very smooth and coherent look to the phone. However, the rear camera is capable of capturing only 720p resolution video, which is gradually becoming old-school tech, especially after the release of iPhone 4S that can record 1080p full HD video.

Moreover, sliding and swiping, essential for smartphones these days, has been made extremely smooth. The web browser is now flick-free as far as the scrolling is concerned.

The phone is LTE-based and supports 4G network although this technology is only available in select-few regions.