The blame game tussle continues nationwide between PPP and PML-N

The ongoing blame game tussle between the two largest political parties of Pakistan PPP and PML-N continues throughout the countries as the frontline and local leadership of both parties put a stern criticism on each other. Same has been observed in Okara as the MPA Ashraf Sohna of the PPP charged the other party of leg pulling and said that their government is not going anyway before completing the legitimated tenure.

He added that, his party will complete five-year term, and the efforts of PML-N to disrupt the federal government would end in fiasco. He outscored the rumours that long march or sit-ins against the federal govt could do any harm them.

Addressing to a press conference held in Bhutto House Okara, the local leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party stated that, “The present government will complete the constitutional term and sweep the forthcoming elections. The PPP has a capacity to steer the country out of crises.”

He criticised the opposition for creating hurdles in the smooth sail of revived political system of Pakistan. He said that, some people were hatching conspiracies and trying to derail democratic system but he people would not let their nefarious designs be fulfilled. Sohna said the PML-N does not have any agenda except confrontation.

He suggested the leader of PML-N, Nawaz Sharif to wait patiently for the next general elections to be held in 2013, and argued that it will discriminate the differences between both parties. He said the PPP did not intend to impose Governor’s Rule in the Punjab and neither did it want to dissolve assembly.

Meanwhile, the PML-N Okara leader Riazul Haq Chaudhry slammed the government of PPP and said that the movement started by his chief Nawaz Sharif would prove fatal for the current rulers. He also claimed that in the forthcoming elections, the people would prove the district a fort of the PML-N.

Riazul Haq Chaudhry highlighted the various failures of central government and said that the terrible policies of incompetent rulers have pushed Pakistan into the immeasurable depths of miseries. He quoted long hours of load shedding, debacle of Pakistan Railways, Steel Mils and PIA.