Actress-turned-producer, Hema Malini is ready to challenge Shah Rukh Khan, after launching her home production ‘Tell Me O Khuda’ along with Shahrukh Khan’s movie Ra.One, in Diwali.

In this movie, Hema casted her husband Dharmendra Singh and daughter Esha Deol. However, her film was ready to release along with Katrina Kaif’s ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’ but rumours reported that Hema did not want her clash with Katrina. However, later legendary Bollywood actress cleared that she delayed the movie due to shraad period and also wanted her daughter’s movie popular on the screen, on Diwali.

She explained, “Esha took a break from films and is back after a hiatus with this beautiful project. I always knew that Esha was a fine actor right from her maiden venture. She made a few mistakes with her selection of projects. She did too many multi-starrers and roles that couldn’t bring out her best.”

Generally, Producers stay away from releasing their movies along with the other films especially involving some top stars like ‘King Khan’; but ‘Dream Girl’ Hema is taking the risk bravely.

Hema is one of the most successful film stars in the Indian Cinema. She has performed in movies such as Hey Ram and Censor in 2000 and 2001. She also worked in Baghban in 2003 and Baabul in 2006.

Hema wanted Salman Khan to release the music of ‘Tell Me O Khuda’ and in response, he said it was actually an honour for him to be the chief guest.

She defended her self and said, “When Shah Rukh’s film can make it to the theatres for Diwali, why can’t my film release on the same day? I can also have the privilege to show my production on the big day. It’s not as if everyone will watch only one film during Diwali.”

Hema is not the only producer, who launched her movie in Dawali to compete with SRK, even, Suniel Shetty and Himesh Reshammiya also plan to release their movies Loot and Dammadam in Dawali. It will be interesting to see which movie is going to burst on Bollywood big screen.