How good is the camera on Apple’s new iPhone 4S?

The iPhone 4S may not look that different from the iPhone 4 on the outside, but the internally it’s been totally revamped.

At the iPhone launch event, Phil Schiller Apple vice president claimed that the new iPhone 4S will have an 8 megapixel camera which may be the best camera ever owned for a lot of users.

The phone has a higher-resolution sensor and an improved lens. It uses a five-element design packed with a maximum aperture of f/2.4, which is much better in terms of lighting than its predecessor.

It does a great job in terms of speed; there is virtually no shutter lag, only a 0.7-second wait between shots. This is an upgrade over the iPhone 4, which pauses about 1.4 seconds between shots. I used a The Lumix S3 for relativity which is a mediocre digital camera not very pricey and not bad in results. The camera starts in 1.8 seconds, but requires you to wait 1.8 seconds between photos and records a 0.4-second shutter lag. The iPhone does not fare too bad in terms of speed of usability either here.

Although the iPhone 4S’ camera does have its drawbacks, there is no availability of an optical zoom, which we cannot hold against a cell phone but considering we are matching it up against a digital camera, it needs to be mentioned. The sharpness is pretty low so there is not a lot of detail in pictures especially in cropped photos, even though the pictures will look really good on the web but if you plan to get a print, it will not fare too well in comparison.

The camera on the iPhone is superb for Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and E-mails, but when you’re looking to take pictures at events where you know that you would need the best results to capture the special moments, and want to make larger prints of them, it would be best to take your digital camera with you.

There is no doubt though that the iPhone 4S boasts the best camera attached to a cell phone, but it is not yet good enough to replace your digital camera, but how far technology has come to give such a result on a cell phone is definitely amazing, and it would not be farfetched to imagine that the iPhone 5 might just do that next year, but for now the iPhone 4S is not a bad catch.