Islamabad Traffic Police ( ITP)  was established on 28th January 2006 with a purpose to maintain smooth flow of traffic, prevention of accidents and to help road users in agony.

ITP so far is a success story and has managed to deliver what was expected of it. Despite several coercions, the force seems dedicated to carry out the responsibilities and bring contentment to the citizens with commitment.

It’s the high moral and the courage of ITP that is got them going despite the mammoth problems including lack of modern gadgets, manpower and other facilities.

Recently, an ardent step is taken by the capital police chief Bani Amin Khan and SSP traffic Dr. Moeen Maqsood to accouter the force with modern gadgets and other resources so that they can handle the traffic issues more efficiently.

With the help of Interior ministry, first aid boxes are provided to the force in order to deal with the injuries due to accidents at sight. Around 40 vehicles are provided to inspectors for patrolling along with motorbikes and other tools to make the operations more effective.

Training of the force is also being carried out through various programs with proper lectures to prepare force to deal in case an emergency arises in the form of accident or etc.

Considering the harsh weather conditions, water coolers, raincoats and umbrellas are provided whereas to perform duties of various nature, searchlights, stop sign rackets, and warning triangles have also been provided.

The fact that Islamabad being the capital and the center of all social, political and economical activities adds more pressure and responsibilities on the ITP to make sure traffic discipline is maintained at any cost.

International VIP’S land in Islamabad almost every day causing disturbance in the road traffic which often becomes a headache for ITP but they have been handling it well for years now.

ITP comes with a slogan of “Friendly Policing” unlike the previous police we are used to dealing with. Citizens of Islamabad should be proud of the blessing they have in the form of ITP and continue to support them

In a span of five years, ITP already has won bulk of accolades and with new gadgets and resources now, their performance is definitely going to improve.