Pakistan is just your “bit” away from Cleanliness

We, being “Muslims” are staunch believers of keeping ourselves and our surroundings clean because we have been tuned finely in accordance to our Prophet Muhammad’s (S. A.W) famous saying, “Cleanliness is half the faith”, since childhood. Ideally speaking Pakistan should be stacked amongst the cleanest nations of the world, which sadly is not even a bleak possibility in our case, if those are our early years’ teachings.

This is not only disappointing but is also strange, because people have bizarrely defined the scope of this saying themselves, which to my understanding is precisely limited to their personal space.

Personal space needs a bit of clarification, because its range may vary from person to person. For some people its threshold wraps up with the boundary of their house, the car they travel in or the cabin they sit in during office hours. For others this invisible demarcation is a bit relaxed as they will also take the pain of keeping regions within the immediate proximity of themselves, relatively cleaner.

Beyond that if somebody is trying to be particular about cleanliness or is not appreciative of those who are littering around on the loose( especially on the roads),  he/she will be happily branded as a “CLEAN FREAK”, which nonetheless does not measure up to the freak part though. However, I would refrain from completely refusing the mere existence of “Clean Freaks”, because in my knowledge they do exist.

I believe that it is all about treating it fair and square. If you can make sure that you do not litter up your house, then exact replica of that can be reciprocated at your work place too and that is it. If you like keeping your car spotlessly clean then also refrain from throwing away wrappers from your car’s window pane while you are cruising down to your destination. It may appear too complex but in reality it narrows down to individual level entirely.

It is next to human nature that we all love feasting our eyes on spotlessly clean locations of the world, for which we are even willing to spend big chunks of our bank accounts each year, whereas we can simply transform our own country into one of the desirables of the world, by just meticulously playing our part perfectly.

This is not even as complex as it may seem to most of us, because in the end it trickles down to the simple rule of doing your own bit, that is all, within a matter of few days(or months) we can achieve what we have been failing to acheive for so many years.

It is also about owning your Country. Realistically speaking if you treat your country like your home, you will never consider littering it up in the first place.

It is about time we realise that everything in Pakistan is not to be blamed on the government, because in the making of one of the most “artificially dirty” (read filthy) countries of the world, we played a crucial part. However, it’s still not too late, in order to undo what mess we have created for the last 64 years, the solution is well within our reach, and is just a thought away from its complete execution.