In today’s fast moving era, media is playing a major role in creating awareness among the people, regarding every field of life. In other words, it has turned the whole world into a global village and no one can deny its role in making or breaking a society.

Media is not only a source of information, but it also educates and entertains the people. Is media in Pakistan fulfilling three of its major roles in a right manner? As far as transmission of information is concerned, no doubt, Pakistani media is playing an active role in informing people about each and every walk of life. It is giving coverage to all issues ranging from minor street controversy to terrorism at international level.

It has duly unveiled the working of contemporary government, to the people and has been paying much heed to major issues like load-shedding, terrorism, target killing in Karachi and Drone Attacks by American in South Waziristan. By giving proper coverage to all such issues, media holds each and every institute of the country accountable for their responsibilities.

Pakistan media is also playing a pivotal role in providing information regarding the prevalent issue of Denge Fever, which has left many people mourning at the deaths of their dear ones. Media has properly educated the people regarding precautionary measures, symptoms and possible cures, which is the best way to cope up with the problem.

Although, there is unlimited list of roles, the Pakistan media is playing in informing, guiding and entertaining the people, but at the same time it has increased the sensationalism, depression and disappointment in the society.

Perhaps, while creating the awareness among the 18 crore population of the country, media has exacerbated each and every issue. Whenever you switch on the TV, you can hardly find news, showing some development or positive aspect of the society. The most, annoying part is repetition of some bad news with little gap. Watching depressive news every time creates a feeling that everything is going wrong everywhere, which in-turns creates hype among the people.

On the other hand, media represents the culture, norms and values of country, but media in Pakistan has turned its attention away from this fact. Our Tv dramas and films are not representing our culture, the way they should be.

Media has great power, as it can play a significant role in setting the mindset of the people the way it wants; therefore, Pakistani media should focus on guiding and educating the people in a right way.


  1. nice job….one thing i want to add up here is the “indian song element” entering in our news rooms. everytime they play indian songs in the background, they actually promote indian industry. news can be heard without songs and playng songs at back is actually breaking laws of journalism …