US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit to Pakistan

US secretary of state Hillary Clinton is visiting Pakistan on Thursday, 20 October 2011, to decrease the ongoing tension between two close allies on war against terrorism and other prevailing issues. The stress has been mounting in the relations of Pakistan and United States since the unpleasant occurrences of Raymond Davis and Abbot Abad incidents, which hurt the sovereignty and integrity of Pakistan.

Severe allegations from US leadership regarding the Pakistan’s intelligent agencies with Haqqani Group, ‘Do More’ policy and increasing drone attacks have become the matters of concern for the host nation.

Moreover, the double standards of US of supporting India to establish its regional superiority, is also a burning issue for the current military and political leadership of Pakistan. The way US is favouring India, in the various regional issues, could produce imbalance of power in South Asia and the neighbours can not neglect the whole situation.

Afghan war has reached to the point of no return for America and they are trying to declare Pakistan the sole responsible behind their failure. Pakistan, which always played on back foot in fulfilling their demands, took a strong stance over the un-ending blame game of United States and decided to pay back in the same fashion.

A Pakistani diplomat highlighted the importance of recent visit of Hillary and said that it is very important tour to reshape the ties between old allies. He added that, “This is a crucial visit by Clinton to Islamabad and it is going to determine the direction of future ties between Pakistan and the United States. No doubt some ground has been covered during the recent visit of Grossman and through diplomatic channels to break the ice, but the nature of problems is so serious that such a high profile visit was needed to give thrust to these efforts and revive the bilateral cooperation against terrorism as it was before the recent batch patch in the ties of two states.”

The spokesman further said that, “We believe they are coming for a ‘give and take’ on these important issues and the response to that by Islamabad will shape the future ties between the two countries.”

CIA chief General David Petraeus and the newly appointed chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin E Dempsey are also expected to be with secretary of states on this occasion. The delegation will hold special meetings with President of Pakistan Asif Ali, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, ISI Chief Lt General Ahmad Shuja Pasha and Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar. The other matters of common and mutual interests will also be discussed during these meetings.