Injustice and corruption – Part one

Pakistan is so much gifted by God that it possesses almost all the natural resources a country can desire of. It has all kinds of seasons, rivers, sea ports, glaciers, mountains, deserts, an ideal soil for agriculture, gasses, gold mines, mineral coal mines and a blend of different cultures. You name a natural resource and Pakistan would have it and on top of that the people of this nation are considered to be one of the most sharp and talented in the world. This nation has produced world-beaters in every field of life.
When I think of all this, a big question storms into my mind that if Pakistan is that much blessed then why is there so much poverty around? Why are people committing suicide because they are not able to feed their children? Why do we witness darkness almost half of the day? A country that used to give pride on its agriculture now sees sugar or wheat crisis after every 2/3 months, such a blessed country is dependent on foreign aid to run its affairs and all the major decisions of this country are taken outside of its boundaries. Very quickly the people of Pakistan are losing their identity (if not already) and the modern day youth is more obsessed with the western traditions rather than their own culture and proud history. Every single day in this country is worse than the previous one and now the situation is so pathetic that the people have started to lose hope and are just waiting for a miracle to happen. Anyone who has observed Pakistan’s politics in the last 20 years can say that the current direction is not going to take this country anywhere and the ship may drown anytime.
At that time the famous quote of Hazrat Ali (R.A) arises in my mind once again that “A society can run in ignorance but not with injustice”.
This one sentence just summarizes the whole situation of this country. No wonder this nation is still striving to exist and people are fighting for their basic needs even after 64 years of independence. Corruption and injustice are a common practice in every field of life. Anyone who gets a chance, grabs the opportunity with both hands and makes as much black money as possible and the height of irony is that the one who is best at corruption gets the reward and becomes our representative in the legislative bodies. The worst thing is that they are not even accountable for their deeds and are enjoying a luxurious life in their mansions, their children are studying in the top universities of the world and on the other hand we hear this news that a young boy has been arrested by police because he was trying to steal some food for his family. Amazing!

Continued in part two …