Jal was started with six men grouping up to form a world class band that had people with diverse talent. Initially it was composed of Atif Aslam (lead vocalist), Farhan Gohar and Gohar Mumtaz (back vocalist), Sheraz (base guitar) and Shahzad Hameed (lead guitarist).

Atif Aslam broke up from the band after their first song video released name “Ab to adat se hai”. Atif parted ways due to undisclosed reasons but there are millions of stories about this conspiracy; but nothing has been proved and that mystery is still unresolved.

Atif Aslam started his solo career after the partition and Jal Band’s back vocalist, Farhan Gohar, became the lead vocalist. Atif released his first album with the name of “Jal Pari” and same songs were sung by Jal that released the album with the name of “aadat”. Band and solo, both style of singing was liked by the listeners and in no time Atif’s solo and Jal band reached heights of fame.

Atif has received much more appreciation compared to Jal and his fan following is much greater then Jal but Jal has its fans across Pakistan and mostly people like both of them. Their albums are super hit whenever they are released. Atif’s song “Doorie” was super hit and so was “Sajni” of Jal.

Recently Jal’s lead vocalist Farhan Gohar has also parted ways to start his solo career. This news is depicted as if it was Farhan’s own decision but definitely no one leaves the tree of gold and grows a new plant from scratch. There is more to this controversy as well but credit must be given to the band that has never provided any opportunity to the media to air their personal and internal concerns.

The dilemma of a new lead vocalist has been resolved and it’s time for Gohar Mumtaz to shine or may be otherwise. Jal is again a new born band left with three people on board. Gohar has sung few songs before but has never been the regular lead vocalist and fans are eagerly waiting to see what have they got? Let’s hope they follow the legacy of their old partners.