The Libyan Revolution – Foreign Funded or a Genuine Uprising?

During the past few years, we have witnessed a number of events take place pertaining to revolutions and uprising against governments in many countries especially the Arab world.

Most recently, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya was overthrown by a rebel organization that bred internally and after months of continuous fighting, have found and killed the 69-year-old leader according to the latest reports floating around the world.

When observing uprisings and protests against governments that have brought about changes throughout history, there is one thing widely observable and that is that when a genuine civil disobedience takes place, it eventually overthrows the government which is the main priority and allows the country to prosper with a government of the people, by the people.

No one at all can stop a genuine uprising whether it is against a democratic government or a cruel dictatorship because of the noble cause it is being held for and the natural law of justice eventually being served with good prevailing. One prime example of this can be the Egyptian revolt. People took to the streets with only their voices, holding up banners with various messages of true suffering by the people, eventually leading to the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak.

In Libya on the other hand, the revolution was not brought about by normal people looking to secure their rights, but rather it was brought about by a number of animals with hopes of personal gain who took foreign funding from the powers that mutually wanted to overthrow Gaddafi due to grudges and diplomatic problems they were having with him over the years ever since he took power in 1969 because of his independent stance against foreign meddling.

Gaddafi was certainly a dictator and would not relinquish his seat for another but looking at the response of many citizens of his nation through interviews and most surprisingly the women, Muammar Gaddafi was regarded as a national hero and a fatherly figure.

Women from all walks of life regarded him as their father, allowing them to work and live in society which is widely known to undermine women because of their gender. Gaddafi not only allowed them to earn a living but that too in a respectable manner.

He was also famous for having only women as his personal guards from different countries in particular African countries, allowing them to earn a living and do what they wanted at the same time, not discriminating them on the basis of their gender, class or skin colour which is an unprecedented characteristic.

There were no noticeable problems in his country in terms of the economy. Gaddafi actually had many schemes in his country known as the “a home for all Libyans”, where no citizen would be living without a proper modern home and it is well known that the country’s GDP was the highest in the region.

Finally, it could be seen that there were many vested interests in the whole operation otherwise taking down Gaddafi was not as easy as it looked because of the public support he had.

NATO funding of the rebels could be seen in all aspects in terms of the weapons they were using, the cars, food and even clothing. For the world to prosper, nations should be allowed to do what the people want and not what other superpowers desire, only then will the dream of “World Peace” be achieved, but with the amount of interference by well known countries around the world, it is most likely to remain only a dream.