Intermediate students of Punjab protest against the inappropriate results

Intermediate students all over Punjab have voiced their objection against the government for producing inappropriate computerised results.

Students are demanding rechecking of their papers, alleging that proficient students were marked as fail while the non-deserving ones were passed in the intermediate examinations.

The students have obliterated past record in board offices while some of them kept board employees’ hostage, as they demand rechecking of their papers.

A large number of Faisalabad students have protested against absurd computerised results in Government College whereas the same is happening in Dera Ghazi Khan, Toba Tek Singh, Bahawalpur, Kharrian and Rahim Yar Khan.

The designer of the computer software, Dr. Majid Naeem told media, “It isn’t the computer’s fault. If you write an A grade then the computer will not replace it with a B. The errors have been made by data entry officials. They didn’t mention the right number on the first page of the mark sheet. The software just calculates the number from the spreadsheet. If they are any mistakes they are on the part of administrative officials not the computers or the computer program.”

Previously, board announced that a fee of Rs. 750 will be charged from each student for the scrutiny of their papers. However, Students have also refused to pay the paper rechecking fees, saying that it is not their fault so they will not pay any extra amount to earn their right.

On the other hand, Punjab government declared that rechecking of intermediate papers will be done free of cost and no fee will be charged from any student. Punjab Government official also said that any student, who wants to get his papers rechecked, just have to submit their request to board and nothing will be charged from them.

He also added that necessary action have been taken to overcome the problem therefore, students should not take law into their hands and should follow a legitimate procedure.