Pakistan versus India, the government and the people

No matter what people tell you otherwise, there always have been tensions between the Pakistan government and their Indian counterparts, there is no denying that.

However, one thing that needs to be acknowledged is that while the governments of the two nations may be at each other’s throat, the people of the two countries are not. In fact, they are rather more open and warm to each other.

This would be a bold statement to make if there were not any facts to back it up. So here are a few facts, if you can call them that, both nations seem to come to a standstill whenever Pakistan and India play cricket, more often than not there is an air of friendly rivalry, as opposed to the violence many would assume.

Also musicians from Pakistan are treated as if they were royalty in India, with bands such as Strings and artists just as Atif Aslam and Ali Zaffar drawing huge crowds across the border.

In turn, the people of Pakistan just cannot seem to get enough of the Indian soap operas and their reality shows. Bigg Boss is a fine example of this phenomenon.

Be honest, how many have stayed up late at night to watch that show? A vast majority would be the answer. The ratings for that show often shoot through the roof.

If the reader is still not convinced just take a look at some of the dramas made in Pakistan. While a vast majority may be unique and original to the country there are the odd shows which mimic the Indian dramas frame to close up frame. Using extravagant sets, evil daughter-in-laws and the typical return of characters who had died off in recent episodes.

True, that such shows are on the decline in Pakistan, but the fact that our media would consider following their example, shows that there was demand from the public for such shows.

While this is just a small example of how the people of the two countries are open towards each other, there is more to the story then just television shows and music.

More on that to follow…