Our Government so far has been unable to find a permanent band-aid for the menace called “Load Shedding” which continues to hurt the economical development of our country and has agitated every Pakistani.

Due to shortage of electricity producing plants in the country, Electricity charges have also skyrocketed adding to the troubles of every Pakistani. Talks about importing electricity from Iran and other countries are still in the progress but at the moment there is absolutely no remedy for it.

In the meanwhile, a Pakistani engineer and a researcher Imtiaz Ali Khan has come forward with a discovery using which, those deprived of the blessing called “electricity” can once again get access to it.

According to sources, he has concocted a unique mixture of insulators that can conduct electricity. Only in the experimental stages, the discovery is named as “AIK technology” and can save up 30 percent of electricity.

Fascinating isn’t it?  But how would it save 30 percent of electricity?

According to Imtiaz, the invention conducts 14 percent less current, cogently aiding save electricity. Talking to a renowned news channel, he explained the particulars of this mixture.

Electricity can only flow through conductors but this mixture of insulators can not only conduct electricity but slash the electricity bills by 30 percent.

Imtiaz started working on this project some eight years ago in his private laboratory and through hard work and motivation he finally completed it. Pretty psyched with his discovery, Imtiaz added

“This is the first time in history that anyone has found a method to conduct electricity from non-conducting materials, I have decided to dedicate my discovery to my nation of 180 million people, who are suffering from extreme form of load shedding in these modern times,”

He has already decided the price for his invention.

For households who consume less than 300 units of electricity, this device would cost them three thousand Pakistani Rs where for those where the usage exceeds 300 units, the price is set at 4000 rs.

He has pleaded government to help him in his crash project to bring an end to load shedding. Government will be interested in it because in case it works out, Pakistan can not only end load shedding but can rise as an electricity exporter too.