Divorce rate in Pakistan’s society is increasing day-by-day, due to various reasons. Although, marriage is considered as one of the sacred institutions, which develops a strong bond between a man and a woman to spend their whole life together, but unfortunately, in our today’s society, it is no more going much successful, resulting in considerable number of separations.

Mostly the marriage in any society starts with fanfare, regardless of the fact weather it is love or arranged. Mostly couples spent early days of their married lives happily, but later with the passage of time, there start some controversies, which sometimes become unbearable for both sides, leading them to separations.

There are many factors behind this increasing divorce rate in Pakistan, over the last decades. One of the biggest reasons is short-temperament and lack of patience in lives of both life partners. Everyone wants to dominate on the other in one way or other, and in this fight, they just sacrifise their relations, no matter how many years they have spent with each other. Keeping their egos up, the husband and wife sometimes even don’t care about consequences of their divorce on their children.

Other than this, there are many other reasons for the increasing failure of married lives in the country; one of which is lack of trust between both the life partners. In our society, people mostly live in joint family system and when woman marries a man, she lives with him with her in-laws. Where a joint family system keeps some advantages, it also sometimes results in some controversies between different relations. The issues mostly are seen between mother-in-laws and the daughter-in-laws, which in-turn becomes a source of rift between husband and wife.

Moreover, forced marriages also result in divorce rate, as in Pakistan’s society parents usually decide about the future plans of their off-springs’ lives, including their marriages and even sometime don’t bother to ask them. As a result, there remains a mental incompatibility between the married couple, which ultimately breaks the relation.

The other major causes of the high divorce rate in Pakistan are; difference in social status, second marriage by husband and extramarital affairs.

To control this increasing divorce rate, the husband and wife should develop patience, trust and friendship for one another and should take care of their respective responsibilities.