Auritra Ghosh: Proud to be a Noida girl  

Bollywood new actress Auritra Ghosh, who recently made her debut in Indian film industry with “Love Breakups Zindagi”, has said that she is proud to be a Noida girl.

Auritra started her career in Bollywood as a performing artist and has done many shows over the last few years.

She talked to the media and mentioned that she always wanted to be different among all. She added that she got professional training in Kathak and after some time she joined Ashley Lobo’s dance academy.

Auritra told the media that his father was not happy with his decision to go in film industry. She wanted to take up dancing as a full time career. However, later her family accepted her choice and allowed her to join Bollywood as well.

Delhi girl also mentioned that she has done a lot of TV shows in India and abroad. She shifted from Delhi to Mumbai two years ago.

Talking about Delhi, she says, “I miss Delhi a lot. Whenever I am here, I ensure that I get to spend some good, quality time with my family and friends. I miss the good ol’ college days in Delhi and the street food, of course! Jo mazaa Delhi mein hai woh Mumbai mein kahan? In fact, most of the shooting for “Love Breakups Zindagi” has been done in Delhi.” She adds, “I will be in Delhi again to watch the F1 racing event. My friends have already booked the tickets. And the excitement is greater because the event is to be held in Noida, where I grew up.”

She further added, “Earlier, when I told people that I stay in Noida, they would say, ‘Arey, woh bahut gunda raaj waali jagah hai.’ But now, with a mega sporting event like F1 to be hosted there, I feel extremely proud to say that I’m a Noida girl.”

Apart from that, Auritra is looking for another interesting project coming up, which is a short English film, directed by Ajitesh Sharma, titled “SWEN”. She stated about it that “SWEN” means South, West, East and North and this movie will be shot in Ladakh, followed by other locations like Assam, Kerala and Bhuj.