Rakhi Sawant wanted to be Shahrukh Khan’s “Chammak Challo”

Rakhi Sawant is fuming these days and reason for this is none other than the man who has been finding it extremely hard to catch a break lately, Shahrukh Khan. The item girl exploded that King Khan has seriously stepped out of line by casting Kareena Kapoor in the item song “Chammak Challo” from his forthcoming film, “Ra-One”, which has consequently kept the song from becoming a super-hit.

She lambasted Shahrukh on his decision to use Kareena in ‘Chammak Challo’, calling it one of the biggest blunder made by the 45-year-old heartthrob in recent history. She said that the song could have been so much more had she been performing it instead of a girl who is nothing beyond or short of a heroine.

The 32-year-old glamour girl feels that Kareena is a perfect heroine material, with her beautiful face and exceptional acting skills making her one of the best in the industry. However, expecting her to perform in an item song is simply asking too much of her and makes no sense at all. She strongly believes that the established actress would have never agreed to this had she not been bound by her contract with Shahrukh’s production company, Red Chillies Entertainment, who most likely forced her to perform the song despite it not being her cup of tea.

The recent trend in Bollywood has been that of main-stream actresses performing item songs, an area that item girls consider to be their territory. Rakhi is of the opinion that if the actresses are so interested in performing item songs, then maybe it is time for the directors to consider casting item girls as heroines in their films, giving them an opportunity to try their luck out as main-stream actresses.

The bold item girl explained that the recent trend of actresses performing item songs is attributed to their desire to expose their skin and look glamorous, something that they are unable to do while being casted as mere heroines in a film. As per her opinion, a heroine is expected to do nothing more than stand next to a tree in shalwar kameez, shed tears and wipe her nose. By performing item songs, not only are the actresses able to get noticed, but they are also able to promote their songs and later get offers for stage performances.

Rakhi, the dancing beauty, is known for speaking her heart out without editing or censoring anything, which has made her extremely popular with the media. You will be able to catch your favourite item girl making Govinda, Sunil Shetty, Javed Jaffrey and many others dancing to her tune in the item song “ Mein ras milai houn, Jannat se aai houn” from Rajnish Thakur’s upcoming comedy film “Loot”, which is scheduled for release in the first week of next month.