U.S. President Barack Obama claims strategic success after Muammar Gaddafi’s death and pulling out its forces from Iraq

President of United States, Barack Obama has claimed success on his foreign policy after the death of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

"In Libya, the death of Muammar Gaddafi showed that our role in protecting the Libyan people, and helping them break free from a tyrant, was the right thing to do. In Iraq, we’ve succeeded in our strategy to end the war," Obama added.

Obama also added that, continuing to the strong strategy U.S. will call back it forces from Iraq by the end of the year. The only troops appointed in the Iraq will be at the U.S. embassy.

He plans to continue his re-election campaign for the 2012. In his message he also included that, his leadership has made it possible to mark a new chapter after a decade of war.

His strategy is to improve the economy and repay country’s debt. Obama has worked to revive the economic structure of the country since the financial crisis.

During his weekly address for the radio and internet he said that, the death of Gaddafi and its decision of retracting forces from Iraq have proved a new strength of American leadership in the world.

Recently Obama has concentrated on the foreign policy that headed him into the spiral of losing political strength.

Considering his recent speech focused on the foreign policy might send him into a struggle for regaining his political fame. The Americans are severely drowned in the economic wrangle with record number of job losses.

The action taken over Al Qaeda’s leader Osama bin Laden and his death, it was also a short push to his anticipated popularity for presidency.

He also mentioned that killing Laden and the decisions taken for Libya and Iraq are a part of the bigger scale of success.

The decision was taken following the failure of two governments to achieve an agreement for legal immunity for the U.S. troops.

Iraq’s President, Nuri al-Maliki is working on for joint training of both country’s forces after U.S. troops withdraw.

Independent Senator Joseph Lieberman said, "The announcement by President Obama and Prime Minister Maliki yesterday was a statement of failure, not success."

The leadership from Republicans have also heavily criticised the strategy deployed by Obama.