Hamid Karzai proved turncoat on his comments to help Pakistan in Pak-US war

The Afghan President Hamid Karzai has taken another turn on his carefree comments to help Pakistan in case of war against US. In an interview with Pakistani private TV channel Geo, Hamid Karzai claimed that Pakistan was their brotherly country and if United States shows any aggression toward it the people of Afghanistan will be standing side by side to it. The same question was asked by Mr. Karzai that if India attacks Pakistan then what would be stance and same answer was given by him. However, a day later his interview was aired, he contradicted the statement and said on October 24 that his words were misinterpreted by Pakistani media.

It is interesting to mention that the Afghan President has been hitting Pakistan as a spokesman of United States and sudden swivel in his opinion was a matter of concern for the international community. Huge speculations were made throughout the world and his interview became a hot issue to talk about.

In Pakistan, the opinion leaders and analysts interpreted his statement as a diplomatic move to bring down the ever increasing temperature of Pakistani military leadership against him. Hamid Karzai is not in the good books of Pakistan’s military leadership for his insensible allegations upon Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) regarding it’s connects with Afghan Taliban.

According to details, Afghan President first said that, “God forbid if a war breaks between Pakistan and America, we will side with Pakistan. Afghanistan would stand with you. Afghanistan is your brother.” The host of the TV show claims that he was surprised by such a bold stance of Karzai and repeats the same question in Indian context which he made no alteration while responding.

However, in the fresh statement released by Presidents’ spokesman argued that the TV program was edited before airing and so was misinterpreted. The spokesman further stated that, “They only showed the first part when the president says Afghanistan will back Pakistan if there is a war. But in connection with the war on terrorism if there is a war on Pakistan, Afghanistan will not support that.”