In the world of today, where learning is the only way to success, is seldom found easily. Parents of our generation send their little ones to schools, colleges and universities to get the best degree and become what they have dreamt
for their children to be.

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan is occupied by an elite class who pay thousands of rupees just to get their children unsurpassed education and watch them succeed. Bahria University, a leading institution in the country and is
ranked in one of the top universities in Pakistan after NUST and GIKI.

Known for organizing outnumbering extra-curricular activities like concerts, Festivals, debating sessions and other mouth opening events, a student of Social Sciences thought of something that did not make head line but her work
was by far most productive.

A final year student thought of a program for all of the lower management like Ayas, sweepers etc. The program had a simple concept. What we have learnt in our college or school would be delivered to those who could never go to
a school because of financial instability.

Starting off a couple of months back, the student, in collaboration with the Student Resource Centre (SRC) of Bahria University, managed to start this program. First they thought they would not attract much of the management as
they had to work and earn in order to run their family.

Surprisingly, a whole section was there on the first go. Well the term never lose hope did work out here. So with things going as planned, a name was required that would depict the core aim of this program. Change in Action- CIA,
was the name chosen for the program and certainly impressed most of the people who heard of it. The most remarkable thing about CIA is that any voluntary student can come in to teach.

Starting for English to Mathematics, General Science and Pakistan Studies everything is included in their course.   Currently, classes are being held on daily basis and there has been a request for teaching these people to a level
where they can award a diploma or some kind of a degree.

Happy for themselves, the lower management had smiles after the first class ended. Expressing their sentiments one of them said “We never thought we would be learning at this age. Though it seems awkward but we still want to study.
These children have started God’s work and may Allah bless them all”.

However, this is something that needs to be implemented on a larger scale. Universities and schools should make a community or a society like CIA that teaches all those who have been left unattended by this costly world. If this
gets to any higher authority in Pakistan, I would like to request that they call us upon for helping them out to bring Change into Action. 


  1. Well written but I really feel that credit should have been given to ‘the student’ by mentioning her actual name! Rejaa Dar, great job with coming up with a simple effective plan for one of pakistan’s biggest problems. Way to go with promoting equality in education and standing. There should be a thousand more like you in this world.