Veena Malik – Good Girl Gone Bad!

Veena Malik is an elegant and potentious daughter-in-law of Mr. Patel and closest to an Indian flop actor Ashmit Patel (for the time being). She bamboozled the world with controversies after controversies and they never stop coming because she never wants
them to end. She has been in the world of entertainment for the past 10 years and has been embarrassing Pakistan with every second of her life onstage and offstage as well.

Soldiers are saviors of nation’s prestige and their families are proud of them and try to uphold to same standards but the daughter to a Pakistani soldier, Ali Malik, has been an insult to the nation to say the least.

Her controversies range from Mohammad Asif and now there is no limit to them as they are expanding at an exponential rate. Veena has totally turned vegetarian and said no to meet; she celebrates all Indian festivals like Diwali, Holi and what not. She is
totally under an influence of Hindu culture and religion and seems to be enjoying her stay in our neighboring state.

Her major scandal started with an Indian Show ‘Big Boss’ hosted by the most famous Indian film actor, Salman Khan. She participated in that show as a Pakistani actress and crushed the image of Pakistani girl at the hands of an Indian artist Ashmit Patel.

They were seen doing obscene and lewd scene that were not the requirement of the script at all and even if they were, they should have been protested by Veena but she seemed to love doing them and specially the massage to her underground boyfriend was the
most mesmerizing act for her; she loved her every bit of it and her facial expressions and gestures said it all.

She recently dumped her fiancé, Faisal Akbar, for untold reasons but the truth is not hidden from anyone. The most disturbing part of all this controversy is that she is being re-known as Pakistani actress and probably one of the worst ambassadors of our

Pakistanis are ashamed of her and that awkward moment when someone takes her name is the most embarrassing state for anyone. She proudly proclaims that controversies come to her naturally and obviously it shows that she likes it that way. In fact she likes
it any way!

She is reported to have said “I feel very safe in India. But back home, yes, I do have security. And more than me, it’s my family I worry about. I am here while they are there and facing it. So I am scared for them”. A soldier now needs security from police
to save his life. Ironic, isn’t it?

After all that happened between her and Ashmit she said “What about him? Okay, I won’t deny that he is the closest to me. I call him every free minute I have. I share my deepest secrets and fears with him. For a change, here is a man who watches my back
and stands up for me. So I love it. But we haven’t made any formal commitments. Humne jeene marne ki kasme nahi khai hain… abhi tak!!!”

Probably he watches her back more than anyone!!

Ideally she should have been exiled from our country to save our country’s leftover prestige but our rulers are fun lovers as well and they can’t take any step that will revive our country’s image. Hence, sadly she is still a Pakistani who lives in India
and follows Indian culture.