Why NATO attacked Libya? Exposing the treachery of the West 

Libya has been bombed by NATO over the weeks as general public comes to terms with the reasons outlined for the attack. Justifications ranging from right of free speech, sovereignty of democracy and safeguarding the masses from oppression of the tyrant ruler have been given to the world to chew on.

However, it is believed that the operation might have a bigger agenda than the one being shown on the highlight reels of leading television channels. Oil is at the centre of everything again, a similar path to the Iraqi war.

After thousands of causalities and no concrete result to show for, the plot of war by United States has become visible to everyone. The question that arises is that would there be a war on the country if the major export was jute.

Nevertheless, other reasons about the intervention in Libya have been raised. It is said that it is all about the currency. The ousted and dead dictator, Col Gaddafi planned to introduce ‘gold dinar’ as a single African currency.

Monetary exchange in gold that represents the true sharing of wealth, something that is not based of guarantees in the case of US Dollar.

The news about introduction of the gold currency has been termed as the reason for revolt against the dictator. Gaddafi’s problem was that he was outspoken about his plans, and ultimately it became the reason for him downfall.

Removing the element of secrecy about their gold reserves, and announcing in public was the step the former Libyan premier should never have taken.

Moving on from Dollar and Euros to a new currency would have been a devastating blow to the world economy that is controlled by American and European policies. It might have been the right step, but not in the interests of the righteous public of the old Continent and America.

Gaddafi’s made the call to accept the new currency in the months leading up to the insurgency in Libya, and it was time that the wolves had finally crouched up on the former military man.

The world is moving in a strange direction, where checks and balances are only imposed on those who cannot put up resistance. Fighting in the name of religion, beliefs and sovereignty is a story of the old, and it has been impeccably replaced by battle cries for gold and oil.

Europe and United States are justified in their actions, is a statement that requires rigorous questioning to hold true. However, what can be asserted from global socio-political-economics of today is that standing up to the might of Uncle Tom and his cronies is out of the question.