Part -1

Pakistan is a country with many social issues including poverty, Electricity crisis, food crisis, illiteracy, terrorism and the list just goes on. There is enormous amount of unrest present in the society because of the mentioned issues.

Majority of Pakistan’s population is based on youth and the chaos in society forces them to take the decisions they regret later on.  It is a common observation that most youngsters perceive leaving the country as the only solution to all the problems.

The easiest way of getting rid of a problem is to run away from it but does it solves the problem? The answer is No, closing your eyes on a problem might make you feel good for some time but in the long run it is only making it worst.

The trend of leaving the country is more common amongst youth as they mostly use their hearts and minds seldom. Most effective way to fly away from Pakistan is to get a student visa and leave everything behind for once and for all.

It is human nature that we only foresee the positive aspects of what we don’t have and only the negatives of what we do. The preferred country where our youth decides to spend the rest of their lives includes Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and United States to some extent.

There is absolutely no harm in going abroad for higher education in fact it is strongly encouraged in our religion. Holly Prophet (PBUH) stated, “Get educated, even if you have to go to China”, bearing in mind that it was considered an impossible task to visit China back then.

Foreign education no doubt is one of the reasons that attract our youth to leave their homes. There are certainly other reasons behind that too. We live in a society that had always praised and followed the work done by West and efforts by our own people never get recognised.

From our elders to our leaders everyone is so impressed by the contributions and achievements by the brilliant West. The strong western media adds the icing on the cake as they know exactly how to admire and publicise their work.

We are living in a global world today and every single event happening in any part of the world can be viewed and experienced in your living rooms. Events like a New Year night at London Bridge, a Halloween party at Times Square New York, A mesmerising view of the Niagara Falls Canada is sufficient to impress any age group.

Such events attract the attention of youth as they make up their minds to apply for a student visa. The idea is right as they look ahead to get a foreign degree and have some exposure of different cultures. It is not that simple though, as majority of students leave the country with no intentions of returning back.

The mostly preferred country by Pakistani students is United Kingdom; if you are walking across the streets of London you will see a lot of familiar faces. East London is flooded by our youth and majority is out of the youth category now, shows the amount of time they have spent pursuing their education.

The dominance of our compatriots in the East London is so immense that, “There is a reward of 10 Quid (pounds) to find a white man”, as locals say mockingly. The increasing number of our people in the streets of London has seriously made the Englishmen a rare species in those regions.

                                                                         —Continued to part 2