Pakistan military has strongly rejected BBC report regarding Pak army and Inter-Services Intelligence’s (ISI) possible links with Afghan Taliban and banned terrorist organisation, Al Qaeda.

The report alleged that Pakistan military establishment has close ties with the militants, and a few military circles covertly give material and moral support to the banned terrorist outlets.

In the first part of the BBC documentary series, a number of middle-ranking Taliban leaders have been shown, saying that they enjoy extensive support from Pakistan.

A former head of Afghan intelligence agency also told the programme that Pakistan’s Ex President, General Pervez Musharraf, was informed about Al Qaeda chief, Osama Bin Laden’s presence in the northern areas of Pakistan, where he was eventually killed by
US army a few months ago.

However, the Pak military has denied allegations and termed the BBC report as a biased programme.

Talking to Reuters, Pak military’s spokesman, Major General Athar Abbas said, “We consider that this report is highly biased, it is one-sided, it doesn’t have the version of the side which is badly hit or affected by this report. So therefore, other than
that, it’s factually incorrect.”

It is not the first time that Pakistan has been blamed by the British media. A few weeks ago, the senior US officials accused Pakistan of having links with Haqqani network.

Following heavy allegations, the tension between Pakistan and USA mounted up. Although, the situation has improved to some extent after Hillary Clinton’s recent visit, the authorities from both sides are yet to sit together and sort things out.

In such circumstances, this kind of report by English media may exacerbate the situation once again.

Abbas made it clear that “not a single bullet or financial support” had been given to the militant groups, mentioned in the BCC report. He, meanwhile, stated that Taliban’s number of terrorist attacks against Pak military and ISI is the biggest proof that
they do not have any support by ISI or army.

According to the analysts, by such stories the American and Nato authorities want to impose pressure on Pakistan and push the government to launch military strike in North Waziristan.