Beyghairat Brigade storms the internet

It was some time earlier this month that the Lahore based band, Beyghairat Brigade, uploaded a video of their song, Aloo Andey, which turned from a funny ditty to an instant hit, soon storming Facebook walls, and other social network sites, and surprisingly
became a regular feature on the Pakistan news channels!

According to critics, with Aloo Andey already making its way strong throughout the mainstream media, the whole concept came to be seen as a well-informed attempt with smartly written lyrics, which was all agreeably or just speaking, comically expressed through
the witty music video.

However, it was not just the ‘technical’ aspect involved in the song that made it a hit, but in reality the whole story behind Aloo Andey, which gives an overview to the whole political soap opera going around Pakistan and how the society is taking it all
with questioning it.

In fact, the song gained so much popularity that it was recently aired on many top Pakistani News Channels such as Geo and Dawn News, which played Aloo Andey on some of their news bulletins.

The song basically starts with Beyghairat Brigade’s vocalist coming in with his typical Punjabi ‘singing accent’, complaining that he did not want to have potatoes and eggs that his mom had cooked but instead wants chicken with bread (roti) but is not sure
why it is so expensive – bringing in the first political reference of the song with Pakistan’s heavy weights – the Sharif brothers from Muslim League Nawaz.

The song then sheds light into how murderers and terrorists get so much popularity for their heinous acts and then grow into becoming heroes, while the nation’s Nobel-Prize winning scientist Abdul Salam gets ignored just because he belonged to the banned
Ahmadi sect. 

All such areas compile the whole ballad but the beauty of this song still remains in its critical assessment and the rational observations which can mean anything from wickedness to treason or simply speaking, just being Beyghairat!