Government and general public need to work together to wipe out Dengue menace, says Chief Minist

Lahore, October 29: The Chief Minister of Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif emphasized on the point that collective efforts of government and general public are required to wipe out the Dengue menace from the city.

He expressed this opinion while addressing to the meeting of chairmen of the town committees and elected representatives of different areas of Lahore. He also expressed that the government has been leaving no stone unturned in the eradication of this fatal
disease. But the need of the hour is that people should also cooperate with government and follow the instructions to eliminate this menace from the society.

While talking about the efforts of the government of Punjab regarding the issue of Dengue, Shahbaz said that all resources are being utilised to eliminate this disease. While talking about the steps, which have been taken so far to deal effectively with
this fatal disease, Shahbaz said that a Dengue Control Plan had been introduced which would work on medium and long term basis to end this disease from the city.

The Chief Minister also revealed about the special team which had been formed by the government comprising on the doctors, headed by Dr. Fernando from Sri Lanka, for collecting the exact fact and figures about the deaths caused by Dengue.
He also said that the report will also be revealed to general public after its completion.

Shahbaz also said that maximum efforts are being made to cut down the mortality rate caused by Dengue fever. The consultants and experts have been visiting different hospitals and care centres on regular basis to make the treatment process
effective for the Dengue patients.

Chief Minister also stressed on the improvement of the Institute of Public Health and also emphasized on the need of setting up research cell to tackle the Dengue disease effectively. He also told that the formation of Punjab Bloodline helped
a lot in registering the donors for making the availability of blood possible for the Dengue patients.

Shahbaz said that this disease can be controlled and eliminated from the society if both, government and general public, work together and cooperate with each other.