Power show of PML-N collapse in Lahore

The much anticipated power show of PML-N has been facing a nationwide wrath from the various circles for the carefree comments about President Zardari and PPP. PML-N, which remained successful to attract the large number of protesters on its call to stage
a rally against the federal government, messed up the situation due to vulgar remarks.

Shahbaz Sharif, the chief minister of Punjab, who led the rally asked the President for immediate resignation from his office and declared him the root all evils. Sharif argued that people of Pakistan are awaking and will not allow the corrupt government
to add more to their miseries. He labelled the President as ‘Madari’ and said this person didn’t know the meanings of self respect as he has sold our national integrity for the sake of dollars.

The chief minister became offensive and made few personal attacks on co-chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party and called him and his friends the group of ‘Ali Baba and 40 thieves’. Losing his temperament, he threatened Zardari to quit before mass take the extreme
step of hanging him publicly.

Shahbaz vowed that masses are struggling to meet their both ends and corrupt leadership of PPP is busy in marry making. He also said that, “We will rid the country of Zardari and his corrupt team in the way our elders had broken free from the clutches of
Hindus in 1947. You have proved today that people in the country will not allow these intruders to rob the vote bank of Nawaz Sharif.”

He also claimed that, “Mr Zardari wrote a letter of appreciation when the airspace of Pakistan was violated on May 2, proving that he could be anything but president of the country.”

However, common man is concerned about the latest political developing situation in the country as it could revive the politics of confrontation, as it happened in 80s and 90s. The forefront leadership of PPP also condemned the negative approach of their
rivals and paid back in the same coin.  Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said on Friday that Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is not afraid of anti-government rallies and the fake show of PML-N will be flopped very soon.