PEDOS endorse Halloween in Pakistan, look forward to ‘business’

Halloween is only a few days away and PEDOS are out in force promoting the occasion to their fullest, hoping that this year will be better for them than the previous.

Dr. Ibrahim Akhtar, the Chairman of PEDOS, was licking his lips and was rather excited when he said, ‘Last year (2010) we had a great year with all the children dressed up in costumes. It was quite a stimulating experience for us as they came up to our doors
and asked for candy.’ Before continuing, ‘we knew we were going to get a fair bit of business then.’

There is no denying that the PEDOS depend on events such as Halloween and Eid, when children are usually allowed to roam around their neighbourhoods with a festive spirit, as another doctor, Dr. Naeem Shah, the regional head of PEDOS in Peshawar explained,
‘We love the children here but we love them even more during events such as these, when they are so much more vulnerable.’ 

The most alarming aspect of this is that the parents of the children do not seem the least bit concerned. We spoke to a number of parents in the residential areas of F-10 in Islamabad, with Mrs. Farzana Anjum the pick of the lot when she said, ‘I think it
is a healthy experience for children. It helps them grow and develop as people. The price is also not that high to pay.’

It seems that nothing can be done as the people just do not seem to be taking precautions for the welfare of their children for the upcoming occasion of Halloween and one can expect a number of victims to emerge.

For now the upper hand seems to belong to PEDOS, or the Pakistan Experienced Dentist and Orthodontist Society, as its members, dentists from around the country will look to have a number of patients in the days to come, following Halloween.

From cavities to toothaches, PEDOS are ready to deal with the various dental issues that are a result of the candy distributed during Halloween and make an extra bit of cash in the process.

Meanwhile, police will be dispatched to keep an eye out for any paedophiles that may be come out during the festivities.

Disclaimer: this is a satirical piece and a work of fiction.