Federal government failed to keep its promise left transporters fuming and threatening a massive strike in the coming weeks

The federal secretary petroleum and the government are not only playing a game with us but they are also compelling us to go for a serious strike.” These were the words of Sultan Awan, the president of Islamabad-Pindi Transporters Association.

The federal government has failed to keep the promise of uninterrupted CNG supply to the transporters of the twin cities.

Initially the promise was made to keep these disgruntled transporters for going forth with a wheel jam strike, but not addressing to what they have promised is going to take a serious turn and we are back to where we all started from.

Consequently, the transporters in the twin cities have threatened to launch a wheel jam strike as CMG remained unavailable to them during the load shedding days.

The president of Islamabad-Pindi Transporters Association, Sultan Awan was also the one who led the transporters delegation that met the secretary petroleum on October 18 and called off the strike scheduled for Oct 19 after being assured of uninterrupted
gas supply.

The transporters came to an agreement with the federal government when they were assured that some stations would provide CNG to transporters at night as it would be a sound solution and an improvement in the current situation.

“We are in touch with the transporters of nearby cities and if the government continued to treat us like this, we will show them our strength,” said Sultan Awan, he further said about breaking the promise that “But the secretary petroleum should not have
made the false promise.”

The district administration Islamabad had already given certain permission letters to the transporters so that they could get CNG during the loadshedding days. However, the plan could not succeed as the CNG station owners demanded permission from either
Ogra or the petroleum ministry.

In this bureaucratic tussle, as always the commuters suffer and they will continue to suffer if an agreement between the transporters and the federal government is not reached soon.

By the looks of things, the transporters will be getting ready for the great showdown if the situation prevails as it is. They were ready to go but any chance of a strike was ruled out during the coming two weeks.