Insufficient evidence to prove Butt and Asif guilty, says Lawyer

Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif, whom the ICC banned because of the scandal of spot fixing, are waiting for the verdict by Southwark crown court that hears the cases of cheating and conspiracy.

Aftab Gul, who represented Butt at UAE in spot fixing scandal, believes that there is not sufficient evidence to prove Asif and Butt guilty in this scandal as there is no visual evidence of receiving the black money.

“The court does not have enough evidence to prove them guilty. In fact the footage of the defunct ‘News of the world’ newspaper is also inconclusive as these players are not seen receiving money from the alleged bookmaker and their agent, Mazhar Majeed.
In these circumstances I think any punishment to Butt and Asif would be unjust,” Gul said.

“I don’t think these two players should get an adverse judgment from the court,” Gul added.

According to Gul, the uprising fast bowler, Mohammad Amir has already given written confession, who is also involved in this scandal, because of this reason his chances were bleak. But the benefit of doubt should be given to the other two victims in this

The Crown court has asked Amir and the bookie, Mazhar Majeed to appear before the court on the hearing on  November 3 and 4, whereas the decision is expected somewhere in the next week.

The jury, who is hearing this scandal, took a break for the weekend after becoming unsuccessful in giving a verdict.

The judge, Mr. Justice Cookie urged the jury, who is hearing this spot fixing scandal case, to finally reach an undisputed verdict.