It seems like raining acts and agreements against the freedom of speech these days. After putting Protect IP act into effect, the US government has opened doors for another vicious act to barge into the privacy and freedom of speech of the masses online.
A new act against the freedom of speech is in the making called Stop Online Piracy Act or more commonly known as SOPA.

It is clear now that Motion Pictures Association of American or MPAA is backing the act for a green signal from the government. The act is expected to be tabled at Office of Intellectual Property Enforcement soon and there is no hindrance likely to be sighted
from the Office to reject it.

The act unanimously hands out the rights to intellectual proprietors to block, seal or even take down the whole domain of the infringers, should they be accused of any violation to the intellectual property. The act boldly suggests that the accuser does
not need a valid proof to blame the subject of the violation and there is an extremely narrow window, at best, offered to the infringer to prove innocence.

The, vague at best, act states that the proprietors can lodge a claim to the internet service providers (ISPs) to block and blacklist the content and its source, and with or without prior notice take down the entire domain if the accuser requires so.

The SOPA will initially be incorporated into US federal constitution and is expected to amplify its span in other countries like Europe, India, China and, most improbable for such act, Africa.

ISPs all around North America like Comcast will have to maintain and update enormous lists for blocked materials. SOPA might first target small-scale websites and blog sources but it is expected that legitimate sites like Amazon, Twitter and Facebook will
not be able to dodge this fascism once it flutters its wings.

The accuser will also be able to bring small online businesses to their knees. The act instills the power to the proprietors to forbid online payment processors like Visa, Master Card and Pay Pal from doing business with these violators.

This sheer brutality is another version of the corporate culture that materialized from the womb of capitalism. Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is another fascist agreement in the making that will reinforce the blockade of freedom of speech in
addition to other savageries like patents on ideas and cures.