Tehran’s Mayor Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf accused British Embassy of destroying several hundred trees

Mayor of Tehran, Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf set an accusation on British Embassy in Iran’s capital on destroying several hundred trees.

The trees were planted in the two compounds of the embassy. Almost 300 trees are said to be uprooted during the process.

Qalibaf said that the act is enough to prove Britain’s unfriendly behaviour towards Iran. It is also a disregard to the green environment of Gholhak.

Qalibaf was quoted by Arman daily, "One of the darkest cases in the Iranian people’s historical memories pertains to the British government. (Its) hostile behaviour can be seen at the Gholhak compound."

Though he did not specify any historic incident but many Iranians connect several ills to the British government.

Britain has also been charged off exploiting Iran’s natural oil resources in the early 20th century.

Sometimes Great Britain is also referred as a ‘little Satan’ as compared to United States the ‘big Satan’. U.S. has purposed to sanctions over Iran on its nuclear programme and has no diplomatic relations with Iran.

Taking notice on the accusation British Embassy has denied the charges. The reason for the damage to the trees has been declared as a disrupted water supply which caused only 31 trees to be to die.

A statement from British Embassy was read as, "The embassy takes its environmental responsibilities for both its compounds extremely seriously and a significant amount of investment has been put into both compounds during the last three years to ensure that
these important green spaces in Tehran are correctly looked after."

The accusation was made shortly after the arrival of new British Ambassador to Tehran. The appointment of new ambassador was made after almost eight months of gap.

During that time period many Iranian politicians argued to lower the level of democratic relations with Britain.

In the tough time for Iran, U.K. has always supported imposing of numerous hard sanctions on Iran, demanded by U.S. government.

Iran is allegedly making nuclear weapons under its energy crises and violating human rights on several occasions. It is a charge that Iran denies.