With reference to Part 1 entitled as “PML-N’s credibility and Imran Khan’s allegation – What is ground reality?”, if PTI does have any evidence, its leadership is supposed to report to the Supreme Court to perform a ‘NATIONAL DUTY’.

What if someone have proofs against corruption, and he/she does not public it, ethically that person is also committing a crime, hiding evidences to welcome uncertainness in the society.

Considering above mentioned ethical and national responsibility, Imran Khan is supposed to inform the nation that how PML-N leadership have been involved in corruption.

And if he fails to do so, he does not reserve the right to blame someone over corruption in the media, therefore, Mr. Khan, you should keep in your mind that the accused person also reserve the right to pursue legal action against
you for blaming him/her for nothing.

Coming back to Imran Khan’s protest, Nawaz Sharif has always been keeping soft corner for PPP’s government, performing the role of a friendly opposition.

As it seems that PTI has short-term memory, therefore, there is need to remind them PML’s recently concluded protest against the load shedding, when the innocent natives were churning out, and no one was listening them.

Despite Imran’s ‘well known’ credibility and the ‘nation friendly agenda’, it was PML-N, which compelled the federal government to resolve the energy crisis within days.

They came out on roads to prove their concern with the public issue, whereas, no one knows that Imran Khan was where at that time.

Now the recent Lahore rally, which was called by PML-N’s leadership on October, 28, 2011, clearly proves that they do not have any soft corner for the current government.

During Lahore rally, the Chief Minister of Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif criticised Zardari and co categorically, and asserted that they are not going to accept the corrupt system.

Meanwhile, the leadership of one of the most popular parties of the country also announced that they will continue their protest against PPP until the government does not mend their ways.

Imran Khan has always been saying that we should stand united against US drone attacks. Can he tell what has he done practically in this regard instead of giving big speeches?

Spending nights in open sky in the terrible and northern areas with the affected people is not the solution, as one should has guts to speak out against the American activities when it comes to express your opinion on the national

Whereas, it was Pakistan’s former prime minister, Nawaz Sharif who registered his protest during the recently called All Party Conference (APC) by the government.

He strongly urged the government to follow the resolutions of the Parliament to stop the American interference, protesting against the drone attacks.

Reportedly, PML-N’s chairman had also exchanged harsh words with the Army leadership of the country, taking firm stand against the drone attacks. While Imran khan participated in APC silently as he had nothing to say at that time.

Despite pre-planned baseless criticism, PTI’s chairman reserves the right to raise his voice against corruption and other matters, but it should be based on ground realties rather than targeting one or two individuals..

Being a national leader, he has to raise his voice against the system, which has always been allowing all of us to derail the societies.

Finding root causes to eliminate something which has been happening wrongly from ages is more important rather than saying something without facts.

Indeed, he always says very well to eradicate terrorism from the country, as he has been suggesting that we need seas fire in terrible and northern areas to give confidence to the local community.

Imran Khan needs to find his way to adopt such approach over outstanding issues to sound more mature and sensible.

Except corruption, it seems that he does not have other concern with PML-N, as both the parties are closer to each other with respect to their agenda.      

Therefore, Mr. Khan must understand the facts and ground realties before talking about change in Pakistan.

However, if he still has any ambiguity regarding PML-N’s corruption, he should use his legal right to prove it in the SC.