Pakistan Railways in Supreme Court

In an anticipated move, the Supreme Court took a suo moto notice about the prevailing condition in Pakistan Railways, which was need of the hour despite all the differences.

While observing the case, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, expressed dissatisfaction over the situation and asked the Federal Secretary of Railways to send the corruption cases to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for inquiry.

In the meantime, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry asked the Attorney General to hold a meeting with top officials in the Railway in aiming to devise a complete strategy to make it serviceable.

Following the detailed meetings, the Attorney General will present a complete to the apex curt on the next hearing scheduled to be held on Nov 10.

The court took the notice after Pakistan Railways failed to pay pensions to its retired employees. During the course of the hearing shocking details of corruption of Railways’ officials were revealed before the court.

Sheikh Rashid Ahmed – the former railway minister and Chief of Awami Muslim League (AML) – had a presentation after a special request made before the court.

The court also accepted his request of becoming party to the case. He served as minister of the Pakistan Railways for many years and has had extensive knowledge of the wrongs being done in the corporation.

Rashid levelled charges of nepotism against incumbent Federal Minister for Railways, Ghulam Ahmed Bilour. He further added that the sitting minister deprived the Railways of billions of rupees with through different means.

He prayed before the apex court the corporation could be put back track, relying mainly on its own capability as an alternative of engaging people from abroad or private sector.

Chief Justice while commented on the presentation made by Sheikh Rashid said that the officials in Pakistan Railways ruined the corporation.

Meanwhile, Federal Minister for Railways, Ghulam Ahmed Bilour has said that if trains are not working appropriately, the department should be closed down. Such a cruel mind-set needs condemnation by everyone.

Pakistan Railway is a major national institution. Some people may realise that this mean of transportation badly maintained locomotives is by the reasonable way to move goods from one party the country to other.

The first step in getting this institution back on right track is to diagnose the real problems. Pakistan while following the footsteps of India and European countries should adapt computerized system, which will reduce the chances of corruption.

Moreover the policy of hiring cronies in Pakistan Railways must be stopped before it is too late.