Should Butt and Co. allowed to return for Pakistan national cricket team

Justice Cooke of Southwark Crown Court announced the sentences for disgraced Pakistani cricketers. Players have been ordered to spend from 2 and half years to 6 months in jail due after being found guilty of their transgressions.

Salman Butt, the former Pakistan captain, got the maximum sentence of two years and six months, while Mohammad Asif was ordered a year sentence. Nineteen-year-old fast bowler, Mohammad Aamer, got away with six months in jail.

The sentence is a trending topic at the moment and Pakistani television channels will be swarmed by hot debates and telephone calls regarding it. However, as a forward thinking individual we have to think about the ramifications of this sentence.

There is no question that Butt and Co. have to complete their jail time. They should not be allowed to go free from here as they have brought the game in disrepute.

However, the question remains that what to do when they have completed the sentence and faced the consequence of their actions. The Pakistan Cricket Board can either ban them for life or give them the chance to clear their names and return, pending good
performances in the domestic competitions.

Butt and Asif have claimed no wrong doing and were convicted after incriminating evidence against them were produced in the court room. They have denied their participation in the whole affair and chose to think otherwise.

Aamer, on the other hand, accepted his part in the whole affair and as a consequence pleaded guilty. We have to take into consideration his age at the time of his involvement and realize that he was just a kid who came from the poorest of backgrounds in

The young speedster who had always dreamt of playing for the Pakistan cricket team had his place in the squad in jeopardy, and had to indulge in the heinous acts. Honesty is the best policy and too often it is the most difficult one as well.

In the opinion of this writer, Butt and Asif should be banned from all cricket related activities. They have tarnished the name of the country and the sport itself. Aamer should be allowed to return. He showed more maturity than his counterparts and accepted
his faults. We all make mistakes but realizing them and seeking forgiveness is something everyone is not capable off.