Something to talk about man and humanity

Man was born free but everywhere he is in chains. These chains are sometime social and sometime self created. These self-created chains are in fact the complexities, which are present in ones’ personality, that create numerous problems for the ‘social animal’
in his life. To overcome those complexities in a smooth way is the greatest challenge the man is facing now days.

The ancient man lived in caves and forests where security, immunity or humanity was the values yet to be discovered by him. He was a hunter and hunted at the same time as finding of foodstuff was the only purpose of his life. As soon as he became socialised
heaps of problems wrapped him in their ruthless claws.

He built homes, villages, towns and cities to make the life convenient and soothing. At the same time, the clash of interests gave birth to the unconquered menaces, which later on became the biggest threat to his survival.

Life was never as easy as it is now and life was never as complicated as it is today. Why there is so much hullabaloo and frustration in well civilized man? Apparently he has developed a world that is full of luxury, there is an ultimate solution of his
every query, has discovered the depths of oceans, found the new horizons rather he is planning to occupy Mars and other planets.

But ironically, this tiny world is becoming a hell to live in. People have scattered in various nations on the basis of colours, races and regions. From every nation to each individual, personal interests are holding the central situate.

Number of systems of politics, economics, and justice, are applied in the various parts or countries of the world to cope with issues but hence, uncertainty, tension and depression are on ever increasing wake. Today, he is a master and slave at the same
time. He is the exploiter and exploited ruler and being ruled, friend and foe etc.

Iqbal, the great philosopher of east, has described the whole situation and its solution in a simple way. He says,

Hawas Ne Kar Dia hai Tukre Tukre Now-e-Insan Ko

Akhuwat Ka Bayan Ho Ja, Muhabbat Ki Zuban Ho Ja