When I flew from Bangkok to Islamabad – Part 1

My semester holidays had finally arrived, and I was all packed and set to fly back home for another short visit to my parents in Islamabad and being a loyal Thai Airways customer , I couldn’t wait for my usual quick stop over at Bangkok from Kuala Lumpur.
I utilized my time, spending my remaining semester pocket money on the awesome duplicate ‘China Maal’ (ironically it was all made in Thailand – that’s just how we like to label the replicated goods!)

However, the reason why I share this particular trip is because my flight from Bangkok to Islamabad (somewhere in 2008) came with a different treat or should I say, levelled up my political dimensions of Pakistan.

It all started while I was waiting at the boarding lounge, and my eyes fell upon a recent copy of the Economist. But this was not just another business journal, lamenting how the western corporate giants were being slammed by their East Asian counterparts
– however, I got to have a glimpse of my country being portrayed through a hand grenade on the cover; labelled as ‘Pakistan: the world’s most dangerous place’. What a treat for the eye it was! – Especially for a green passport holder like me.

Well, that’s how it all sparked off – it caught me hard and got me thinking but you don’t need to be Einstein to figure it all out – at least not in 2008. The answer was simple: it was my nation’s own fault, and by nation I mean myself, my family, my friends,
my neighbours, and on top of all, the awesome political heavy weights (and not just ironically – take a look at Firdous Ashiq Awan).

For a major share of the Pakistani lot – it is believed that the reason why our country is in such shambles is because of the ‘international conspirators’ – which primarily is made up of the notorious trio: America, India and Israel – our own political administration,
is another major ball game – let’s not go there for now.

By now, I had already boarded the plane, but at the back of my mind, I guess I had already found a solution to the whole problem: why blame the infamous trio – the issue is clear.

Let me give you an example, try standing out on your street and invite every Tom, Dick and Harry to your well-constructed, marbled tiled (obviously imported) mansion and see what they do to your home.

I still have 1500 miles left to tell you.